TMJ treatment   •   July 21, 2022

What Are The Different Surgical Procedures Related To TMJ?

If you have a TMJ condition that has not responded well to therapy. In that case, you may be considering whether or not you should undergo surgery on your TMJ. Because TMJ experts like Dr. Tyson Carter have access to a wider variety of treatments than most dentists, we can serve patients better.TMJ surgery is […]

Blog, TMJ treatment   •   February 28, 2022

TMJ Disorders and its links with Stress

If you don’t eat many steaks but still have pain on either side of your head where your jawbone meets the skull, you may have a TMJ disorder. Our dentists at Salt Lake Dental in Salt Lake City, UT want to help you get back to your normal way of life. Before making an appointment, […]

TMJ treatment   •   October 25, 2020

Forget About Jaw Pain As Tmj Therapy Is Here!

Do your jaws ache whenever you chew, bite or move your jaw, talk or even yawn?  Do you usually hear popping sounds in your ears or have sore jaw muscles and ear-aches? Then might be you are affected with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction or disorder. This particular condition can give you even constant head-aches and […]

TMJ treatment   •   June 19, 2020

Get Rid of Headaches with TMJ Treatment

Headaches are one of the most common medical complaints among men and women of all ages. Sometimes, a headache may occur only occasionally, and it may resolve just as rapidly. But for millions of people, headaches are a regular occurrence, and over time, they can take a big toll on your comfort and your quality of […]