Forget About Jaw Pain As Tmj Therapy Is Here!

October 25, 2020 by Salt Lake Dental
TMJ pain

Do your jaws ache whenever you chew, bite or move your jaw, talk or even yawn?  Do you usually hear popping sounds in your ears or have sore jaw muscles and ear-aches? Then might be you are affected with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction or disorder. This particular condition can give you even constant head-aches and neck-pain.

What is TMJ?

TMJ resides just in front of the ears on both sides of your face, where the jaw bonds with the skull. The joint is backed up by several muscles, cartilage, ligaments and an intra-joint disk that lets the joint to move and adapt to different kinds of motions. Hence, the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is one of the joints that are utilized throughout the day for any type of oral movements.

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD/TMJ Syndrome) is a term that implies serious or long-term swelling of the TMJ. The dysfunction can result in severe pain and damage. The procedure used to treat this kind of condition is known as TMJ Therapy.

How will your Dentist treat you with TMJ Therapy In Salt Lake City, UT?

Firstly, our specialist In Salt lake City, UT will address your symptoms and examine your jaw. Then your doctor will feel and also listen to your jaw motions while you open and close your mouth. He/she will even monitor the frequency of motion. In the meantime, your dentist will also detect your pain spots. If the specialist feels, you might be advised for dental X-rays, CT-Scan or may be even MRI for a further analysis. TMJ arthroscopy is used at times in the diagnosis of a TMJ disorder. During TMJ arthroscopy, your specialist plants a tiny thin tube (cannula) into the joint gap, and a tiny camera (arthroscope) is then installed to check the spot and to aid access to the diagnosis. After understanding your present situation, the dentist will draft a suitable treatment plan for you.

Your smile, our priority

Nowadays, with the onset of modern and advanced technology and developed studies, we at Salt Lake Dental are totally potent in diagnosing your disease and of course render you hassle-free treatments for your TMJ troubles.

 We will surely help you to get your healthy and confident smile back! With extreme expertise in this field our specialist will render you the best treatment. The whole team of experienced dentists will be there always to attend to all your needs with utmost care and diligence.