Meet The Team

Meet the team that wants to make you Smile More!

The following concise summaries aim to introduce you to the training, credentials, and work experience of our staff members.
Dr. Tysen Carter - Salt Lake Dental

Dr. Tysen Carter, DMD

Dr. Tysen Carter, DMD, is a highly skilled dental implant dentist dedicated to providing transformative smiles and restoring oral health. With extensive expertise in implant dentistry, Dr. Carter is recognized for his exceptional abilities and compassionate patient care. Graduating with honors from a prestigious dental school, he pursued advanced training in dental implants, refining his techniques to deliver outstanding outcomes. Driven by a passion for helping patients regain their confidence and functionality, he takes a personalized approach, tailoring treatment plans to individual needs.

Patients appreciate Dr. Carter's warm and friendly demeanor, which creates a comfortable and trusting environment. Continually staying updated on the latest advancements, he ensures that his patients receive state-of-the-art implant solutions that yield lasting, natural-looking results. Dr. Tysen Carter's commitment to excellence and dedication to improving lives make him a respected and sought-after dental implant dentist.

Brooke - Dental Hygienist - Salt Lake Dental


Brooke was born & raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She began her dental career in 2014 when she started the dental hygiene program at Salt Lake Community College, but her interest in the dental field was long before that. She noticed the value in a simple smile of how much affect it can have on an individual. She enjoys sharing this passion by providing great care a education with all of our patients. Along with being a dental hygienist she values quality time with with her family, friends and two dogs. She loves keeping an open mind & trying new things.