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Root Canal   •   April 21, 2021

Common Indicators of a Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is one of the most common services provided by dentists all over the world. It is an endodontic treatment that primarily focuses on the extraction of debris from the tooth root, cleaning it out, and finally securing it with a biomaterial. To make it easier to understand let us first go through […]

Dental Health, Oral Health   •   April 5, 2021

Fluoride Usage – Pros & Cons

Fluoridation has been a heavily debated topic in recent times. The world of dentistry has been plagued with supporters of both sides of the debate. Some say that Fluoride is beneficial for oral hygiene while others raise ethical concerns related to fluoridation. Do you want to make up your mind once and for all? Let […]

Dental Health, Oral Health   •   March 18, 2021

Tips to Brush Your Teeth Properly

Brushing your teeth on a daily basis is necessary if you want to keep your gums and teeth healthy. You must have heard this a million times from childhood. But, are you aware of the correct way of doing it? Well, if you didn’t then now is the time for you to know the tips […]

Dental Implants   •   February 21, 2021

Dental Implants: After-care Tips

Feeling uncomfortable and awkward with missing or damaged teeth? Then Dental implants can be a magical solution for your tooth-replacement. They can make your smile appear more beautiful. To get a radiant smile and enjoy full advantage of your dental implants, you gotta implement implant care. And it just begins from the minute you leave your […]

Dental Crown   •   February 8, 2021

Cost Of Dental Crowns

Suffering with a chipped or damaged tooth? Then, Dental Crowns can be a magical solution!  A Dental Crown is a tooth-shaped cap that your dentist applies over a tooth to hide your broken tooth. Crowns enhance the size, shape and strength of the chipped tooth and also revive its appearance.  Now, before we get into […]