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Teeth Whitening   •   January 28, 2021

What is the cost of teeth whitening?

There is perhaps not a single person in this world who doesn’t want a beautiful and attractive smile. There are certain factors that make one’s smile beautiful that include symmetry, the whiteness of the teeth, and oral health. It has been seen that yellowish stains on the teeth or tooth discoloration have become one of […]

Dental Health   •   January 5, 2021

How to Find a Dentist near you?

With the rise in health consciousness among people all the world, the majority of the mass is now aware of the need for taking care of their physical health. You might be aware of the fact that oral health is an integral part of overall physical health. Therefore, to take proper care of your body, […]

Uncategorized   •   December 16, 2020

Tips to take care of your gums and teeth in winter

Winter can generally get connected with Christmas and Thanksgiving in your head. But, the cold months are also considered to be an ideal time for diseases such as fever, cold, cough, and dental problems. The cold temperature increases the probability of you suffering from oral issues such as tooth sensitivity or cracks in the teeth. […]

Oral Health   •   December 12, 2020

How to avoid cavities during the Christmas Holidays?

The Christmas holidays are almost synonymous with the consumption of sweets, cakes, and candies. But have you ever spared a thought on how the intake of these kinds of food can have a negative impact on your oral health? Sugary foods and beverages can be the reason for cavities and tooth decay. But, adopting a […]

Dental Crown   •   November 25, 2020

Restore Your Damaged Tooth With Dental Crowns!

Is your chipped or damaged tooth troubling you? Then, you can go for Dental Crowns!  A Dental Crown is in fact, a tooth-shaped cap that is planted over a tooth to conceal the broken or damaged tooth. This dental practice is performed to get back the size, shape and strength of the chipped tooth and […]