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Dental emergency refers to a situation in which the teeth and its supporting tissues require immediate medical attention. A dental emergency is known to cause immense pain and worry, and can often restrain the patients from performing day to day activities, like walking and speaking.

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A major cause of worry of a dental emergency is that it can even lead to a loss of tooth if not treated immediately. According to a report published by the American Dental Association, there are several causes of a dental emergency. We are listing below the major symptoms that lead to this situation –

  • Intense pain and profuse bleeding for a prolonged time interval.
  • A knocked out, broken, or cracked tooth.
  • Loss of dental crown or filling.

Frankly speaking, any situation that requires immediate medical attention in order to stop bleeding, mitigate severe pain, or to prevent tooth loss is referred to as a dental emergency. Therefore, it is highly recommended that any patient suffering from any of the symptoms as mentioned above in Salt Lake City, Sugar House and its Nearby areas must not hesitate in visiting a dentist providing emergency dental care. This is where we, at Salt Lake Dental can help.

Things To Do In Case Of A Medical Emergency

The first thing that a patient must do in case they land up in a dental emergency in and around Salt Lake City and Sugar House is to contact Salt Lake Dental. At Salt Lake Dental, we have established ourselves as one of the leading emergency dental care providers. We have promised ourselves to cater to every need of the patients seeking emergency dentists.

In cases of extreme emergency, if the patients are not able to speak with our emergency dentists, they can leave a message with the call answering machine. We guarantee that one of our urgent dentists would surely respond back and provide you an appointment within 5 minutes.

If our emergency dentists diagnose that the patient is suffering from intense pain, excessive bleeding, or any kind of oral infection, we immediately refer them to the nearest emergency room. Additionally, our emergency dentists, provide a prescription mentioning the emergency condition of the patient so that they don’t face trouble buying the pharmacies. Truly speaking, at Salt Lake Dental, we never leave our patients untreated.

What To Carry During A Visit To Salt Lake Dental During A Dental Emergency?

Any patient visiting us for emergency dental care will always be given the best treatment. Our team of urgent dentists never leaves any stones unturned to provide quality dental care in case of a dental emergency. But, there are a few things that the patients need to carry while visiting us. Here is the complete list –

  • Any document establishing the identity of the patient, such as a driving license.
  • Past medical history, including previous reports and prescriptions.
  • A complete list of on-going medications.
  • Insurance papers, if any.

Some Common Dental Emergencies That We Handle At Our Sugar House & Salt Lake Office

  • Broken Or Cracked Tooth – If a tooth breaks or cracks, then the nerve of the tooth gets exposed. An exposed nerve as we know is extremely sensitive to temperature, especially to cold. The immediate effect is intense pain and worry. The diet schedule also gets disrupted.
  • Sudden Tooth Ache – Toothaches are a common dental emergency. It is mainly caused due to the inflammation of the central portion of the teeth, known as pulp. The pulp containing nerve endings is susceptible to pain.
  • Knocked Out Tooth – A knocked out tooth is a result of accident or external injury. A knocked out teeth leave the temperature sensitive nerve exposed, resulting in massive pain and swelling.
  • Loss Of Filling – Fillings are used to cover the cavities of the teeth. Sometimes, the fillings come out due to a decay underneath the service, thereby causing a dental emergency.
  • Intense Bleeding – Bleeding in the mouth is often caused by periodontitis or low platelet count. Whatever the reason is, it must be dealt with immediately by an emergency dentist.
  • Gum Infection – Gum infection, like Abscess, is a major threat to the oral health of the patients. It not only affects the tooth but also the areas around it. An abscess is a serious dental disorder that requires emergency dental care by expert emergency dentist

Why Should You Visit Salt Lake Dental During A Dental Emergency?

If you ever encounter a dental emergency, you should waste no time in visiting an emergency dentist. We, at Salt Lake Dental, are a team of extremely energetic emergency dentists providing emergency dental care to patients all over Salt Lake, UT 24/7.

We have years of experience in handling a dental emergency and can guarantee you of the quality of services. All our team members are experienced and have been serving patients in and around Salt Lake City for many years. We can guarantee that we are one of the best emergency dental care providers in and around Salt Lake City. Under the leadership of Dr. Tysen Carter, we have earned positive reviews and accolades from patients all over Utah.

You can dial our number (385) 257-9303 or can shoot us a mail at saltlakedentaloffice@gmail.com to book an appointment in case of a dental emergency. You can also visit us directly at 2120 S 700 E suite i, Salt Lake City, UT 84106, United States . We assure you that our emergency dentists will treat you with the utmost care.

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robert ferreri
robert ferreri
I went in for a complimentary visit. ALL of the staff were SUPER friendly, cooperative with all of my requests, and helpful. When Dr. Carter was asked to speak with me, he spent much time explaining my options and even drawing me a diagram when I misinterpreted something he had explained to me in very good detail. I have nothing but positive comments for the treatment I received from Salt Lake Dental. I experienced very positive vibes from the moment I entered the door until the time I left. The experience was a VERY positive one! There was NOTHING negative. All was handled with great professionalism and courtesy!!
Jan 08, 2023
Vidal Loiseau
Vidal Loiseau
Wow, really amazing service. Everyone seems happy to be there. Patients included. I came in for a cleaning and was greeted with massage chair and a kind dental hygienist. She explained what exactly was going on and what work I needed. I appreciate that they did not get pushy when I declined services. Too often places don’t tell you why you need the work while trying to convince you to get more work. This is that dentist!
Dec 22, 2022
Rachel Sekelsky
Rachel Sekelsky
I had a very pleasant experience at this office. The dental tech that helped during my consultation was very bubbly and helpful, and Dr. B who performed my double wisdom tooth extraction was kind and efficient and made it super easy to handle the procedure. I had no adverse effects and the healing process was not painful at all. The one thing I could say was that I did have to ask to speak to a doctor when asked to make a decision while I still had some questions during the consultation. Overall, SLD made this a quick, easy, and painless process for me as a first time/out of state client.
Nov 25, 2022
Ashley Holmes
Ashley Holmes
Great place!! Although, both dentist are great I strongly prefer doctor Carter!! Prices are reasonable and they’ll do anything to work with you! Staff also is really nice and this is a very well kept place!! Definitely will be returning back here soon!
Feb 20, 2023
Mary Link
Mary Link
I am very appreciative of all the employees at Salt Lake Dental. They were able to get me in on a emergency. Then they explained everything to me and made sure I understood. They were also great at making sure I was not in any pain while the process was going on and then sat and made sure I knew what to do when I went home. They were great!! Thank you for everything.
Jan 25, 2023

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