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Tooth Extraction Dentist, Dr. Tysen Carter may determine that you need a tooth extraction for any number of reasons. The reason behind getting a tooth extracted could be many, but the most common of them all is decaying. An affected tooth can be very painful and it might cause discomfort while eating.

However, we at Salt Lake Dental perform convenient tooth extractions because we care for our patient’s comfort.

A dental problem can arise at any point in time and you must know what ruins the condition of a tooth. Signs That Indicate Your Tooth is Getting Sabotaged:

  • When your teeth become sensitive to anything hot or cold.
  • A sudden pain which is intolerable.
  • If your jaw pains.
  • When the structure of your tooth crumbles.
  • When gums become inflamed and red.
  • Impacted wisdom tooth.

Know How a Tooth Extraction is Performed:

Firstly, your dentist will ask for your medical history to understand the medications that you take. You might even have to follow a few measures before opting for a tooth extraction. There are two types of procedures which are performed, one is surgical extraction and the other is a normal extraction procedure. We have mentioned them below.

Insight Into Surgical Extraction

  • The dentist first makes an incision in your gum.
  • He/she may require breaking the tooth if it’s too large in order to remove it.
  • If it’s an impacted tooth, the dentist will have to cut some bone tissues and parts of gum and then use a surgical instrument to loosen it and finally pull it out.

The Normal Extraction Procedure

  • The dentist will numb the area around the affected tooth.
  • Right after that, they will use a surgical instrument to make the tooth loose.
  • With a pair of forceps, the surgeon then pulls out the affected tooth.
  • A gauze will be placed on the site to control bleeding.


Visit us today at our modern and clean office in Salt Lake area. We also serve around Salt Lake City, Sugar House, West Valley City and more. Our state of the art equipment and professional staff are here to make any dental procedure the most comfortable experience possible. Give us call today at (385) 257-9303 if you want to get your damaged tooth extracted. You can also get in touch with us to get a free consultation on oral health.

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