What are the benefits of Sedation dentistry?

November 11, 2019 by Salt Lake Dental

Sedation dentistry refers to the process of sedating a patient via an oral route, to facilitate and ease the dentistry experience for the patient. It has been in use from the early 1900’s and has been known to be effective since. However, in case you are wondering what exactly the benefits of sedation dentistry are, following are the five common benefits of sedation dentistry:

Relieving anxiety

Most patients have an anxiety of going through immense pain at the dentist’s clinic. This is especially common among children. What sedation does, is to relax the patient and relieve the anxiety and fear. With sedation dentistry, you need not fear the pain of going to the dentist anymore. Hence, your dentistry experience is likely to be a soothing one. This is especially effective when a patient has had a horrific past experience involving a dental treatment.

Treating handicapped patients with ease

Treating mentally or physically handicapped patients could be a stress for a dentist. Upon treating a handicapped patient, a dentist tends to lose a lot of control over how he wants to go about his procedures. This is because he often has to be aware of the special physical and environmental needs of the patient. With the patient having no awareness of his or her sensations, it gives the dentist much more control over the dental procedures and eases the experience of the patient in the process.

Quicker procedures

When a dentist does not have to deal with your gag reflexes or sensitivity, it becomes much easier for him to treat you without facing resistance of any sort. This means that the treatment would be much faster. A treatment that would usually take an hour, would probably take about 40 minutes, sans your gag reflexes! As for you, you do not have to deal with the constant “ouch!” moments either. Thus, your experience is set to be that of a painless one as well.

Perfect for long and extensive procedures

Would you imagine yourself undergoing a dental treatment for hours? Probably not! Now, imagine yourself in a state of absolute calmness. In that case, you probably would not even bother what happens around you! This is exactly what is achieved by sedation dentistry. For long and extensive procedures, which would otherwise be intolerable for the patient, sedation dentistry aims at putting the patient to a state of sleep, while the dentist can carry on with his lengthy procedures.

Reduced number of appointments, reduced costs

Just with the help of reduced resistance during the dental treatments, a dentist would be able to treat you perfectly in each go. Therefore, it would take fewer appointments for you to go through an entire dental treatment. This means fewer costs, since most dental clinics charge you per appointment.

Thus, sedation dentistry is beneficial in a comprehensive way. Not only does it relieve anxiety and fear, but also eases treatments for handicapped patients, results in quicker procedures, eases extensive procedures, and reduces costs.