Top 5 Reasons Why Mini Dental Implants Are Preferred Over Traditional Implants

November 1, 2018 by Salt Lake Dental

Introduced in the 21st century, mini dental implants offer new opportunities to patients who are missing out on one or more than one tooth and even the underlying bone. And the best part is, these implants serve their purpose even to those patients who have lost all of their teeth. To put it simply, these dental offers a second chance to the teeth that look, feel, and function exactly like the teeth the patients were born with. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 reasons why dentists all over the world prefer using mini dental implants over traditional implants.

  1. Smaller In Size

The best thing about mini implants is, they are about half the size of traditional implants. Thus, they don’t require as much bone structure as that of traditional implants. And with less bone space needed, costly, painful, and time-consuming bone grafts can easily be avoided. In simple words, mini dental implants are the smaller version of the traditional dental implants without any change in functionality. Also, the procedure is less invasive and the recovery period is also shorter.

  1. Easy On Pockets

Price plays a critical role in any surgical procedure. Dental implants are no exception. Dentists all over the world have stated that mini dental implants are far more affordable than traditional implants. The affordability again enables the people to expand their treatment options. They can even opt for their dream bridgework on their teeth instead of removable dentures with the money that they have saved by opting for mini implants.

  1. Minimally Invasive

Mini Implants are placed in the small pilot hole. Thus, the space required by it is less when compared to traditional implants. This means that the procedure is less traumatic to the bone, as well as, soft tissue. A report from the American Dental Association stated, that mini dental implants are much narrower (about 1.8mm) than standard dental implants (3.75mm). Thus, the patients would suffer from less pain and the cost incurred would also be less.

  1. Less Complicated

The failure and complications involved in a mini dental implant surgery are very rare. Also, it is safe and biocompatible. And the most exciting part is that they are completely safe and are even FDA approved. They provide immediate splinting stability and long-term fixation of the new, as well as, the existing crown and bridge. The massive success rate of the procedure is recommended by implant dentists all over the world and is now used for treating missing or lost tooth in patients all over the world.

  1. No Decay or Periodontal Disease

Mini dental implants are made up of Titanium. It is the same material used on artificial joints. After the completion of the procedure, the patients will feel completely safe and secure since the fear of tooth decay and periodontal disease will be gone forever. Mini implants are, therefore, the best alternative if the patients want to overcome the fear of these dreadful dental disorders.

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