5 Signs That You May Have Gum Disease

February 20, 2020 by Salt Lake Dental

Gum disease is a serious condition in which your gums get infected by bacteria that have been left to stay on the gums for a fairly long time. One of the major causes of gum disease is poor oral health and hygiene. This lets bacteria to settle on your gums in the first place.

When too much plaque release acids and infect your gums, you are likely to experience some pain to get an indication that you do need gum disease treatment. However, in some instances, there might be no pain at all and this is where a potential gum disease could go unnoticed and untreated until it’s too late.

Thus, here are the 5 most common signs of gum disease to help you spot gum disease:

5 Common Symptoms of Gum Disease

1. Red and swollen gums 

Just like in the case of any other infection, your gums too can turn red and swell up if it’s severely infected. You may spot several lumps of small sizes on your gums and even pimples.

2. Tender gums that bleed easily

If you didn’t know this already, your gums are really firm and strong. However, during gum disease, they become weak and tender and you can feel it. You may notice that your gums are bleeding easily from toothbrush bristles or even food particles.

3. Receding gums

In many cases, when gum disease has been left untreated for a fairly long time, you may think that your teeth are getting bigger! Actually, it’s your gums receding, exposing more of your teeth.

4. Loose teeth

As mentioned above, your gums lose their strength upon infection. Your gums are primarily responsible for holding your teeth in place. Weak gums mean that your teeth are not well supported in their places anymore and consequently, your teeth become loose and may even start to shift.

5. Bad breath (Halitosis)

Bad breath comes from the bacteria residing in your mouth. The metabolism processes of the bacteria release chemicals that bring about the foul smell. When there are enough bacteria in your mouth to give you gum disease, there’s enough to produce a foul smell.

If you have any of the listed symptoms listed in this article, consult a dentist who offers gum disease treatment. Click here to get the best dentist for your gum disease treatment in Salt Lake City UT.