What is the Success Rate of Invisalign?

January 22, 2024 by Salt Lake Dental
Success Rate of Invisalign - Salt Lake Dental

Everyone’s first pick for teeth straightening is Invisalign. While more convenient and pleasant than traditional braces, Invisalign aligners work similarly. Invisalign is a great tool for straightening teeth because it is constructed of clear plastic and does not require any additional wiring or metal parts, unlike traditional braces that contain buttons, wires, and other components. It is also removable.

One orthodontic procedure that is particularly effective at producing the desired results is Invisalign. But the only thing that can affect how well the Invisalign treatment works is how long you wear them and how closely you adhere to your Invisalign dentist’s instructions. Commit to following Invisalign guidelines and safety precautions for a flawless smile at the treatment’s end.

However, there’s a good possibility your Invisalign treatment won’t succeed if you don’t wear your aligners as prescribed by your dentist, don’t practice good oral hygiene, and ignore other instructions.

Many patients are unsure if the Invisalign procedure will be successful. But the Invisalign aligners, a seemingly straightforward device, have a lot of advantages. The success rate of Invisalign treatment is 96% on average.

Furthermore, you have the option to use Invisalign for both small and significant dental problems, including misalignment, cross-biting, and gapping. The Invisalign procedure yields the best results and might last up to nine or twelve months. As a result, some people have doubts about the treatment’s ability to be successful in such a short amount of time when compared to traditional metal braces.

Why Invisalign treatment is effective

Invisalign works for a variety of causes, some of which are stated below:

  • Improved dental hygiene as a result of Invisalign’s more effective removable aligners.
  • Regular dental checkups and adjustments are not necessary.
  • Reduced pain and soreness, which produces positive outcomes.
  • Every two weeks, a fresh pair of aligners will be given to you.
  • Aid in cavity and gum disease prevention.

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