The Steps Involved In Professional Teeth Whitening

January 15, 2020 by Salt Lake Dental

Why do you need professional teeth whitening? 

The answer is simple! You need professional teeth whitening to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Ever wondered why your teeth have been stained? Don’t you wish they were a shade or two whiter?

Over the years, food particles that have come in contact with your teeth have stayed there and penetrated your teeth, staining them from within. Professional teeth whitening uses bleaching agents that penetrate your teeth and break down these stain molecules, thereby cleaning your teeth from the inside.

Sorry to pop your bubble but no matter how vigorously you brush your teeth, it will never be enough to get rid of the stains in your teeth! So now that you know that professional teeth whitening is the way out, what are the teeth whitening steps involved in professional teeth whitening? How does professional teeth whitening work?

Let’s get an idea from the following section!

Professional teeth whitening steps at the dental clinic

1. Pre-whitening 

At first, the dentist will record the shade of your natural teeth and get an idea about how much the whitening solution has to be concentrated with the bleaching agent to get the desired results.

2. Drying your mouth

Retractors will be used to keep your cheeks and tongue away from the whitening solution and your mouth will be kept dry using a gauze pad. The idea is to keep any sort of interference from saliva at bay since saliva reduces the efficiency of the whitening solution.

3. Coating 

Your teeth will then be coated with the whitening solution and will be left to absorb it for over half an hour. Note that only the frontal surface of your teeth will be coated.

4. Cleaning 

Once the desired shade has been achieved, the dentist will then wash your mouth and rinse it thoroughly to get rid of any residual whitening solution that may have remained in your mouth from the teeth whitening process.

5. Fluoride treatment 

This is an optional step, though! However, most dentists prefer to provide a fluoride treatment after the whitening session. This is because fluoride helps in keeping stains away from your teeth for some time and also keeps away any bacteria in your mouth.

And those are the steps involved in professional teeth whitening at the dentist. Isn’t that simple? It surely is. Looking to get your own teeth whitening session at the dentist? Choose the best cosmetic dentist near you open today in Salt Lake City UT!