Know Why Dental Bonding Can Mend the Gap Between Your Teeth

May 25, 2018 by Salt Lake Dental

Dental bonding improves the overall appearance of your teeth and makes your smile look beautiful. The procedure involves the application of a plastic material which is a tooth-colored resin, it is bonded to the tooth with a blue light. Dental bonding repairs the imperfections of your tooth to restore it to its original state.

Let’s Look Into How Dental Bonding Can Be Beneficial

It Bridges the Gap Between Missing Teeth:

Hesitation could come in your way while sporting a smile due to the gap between your teeth. But, dental bonding can mend that gap and reinstate your smile.

Dental Bonding Can Repair a Decayed Tooth:

A tooth that is decayed will cause you pain and discomforts and opting for dental bonding can help you restore it. Dental bonding is also used to replace silver amalgam fillings.

It Mends Cracked and Chipped Tooth:

Dental bonding can certainly repair your tooth if it is slightly cracked or chipped. The bonding will be polished and shaped according to the structure of your tooth.

Dental Bonding is Affordable:

Sometimes you may restrain yourself from opting for certain dental treatments due to its cost. However, dental bonding is not only affordable but can also give great results.

The Procedure is Completed Within One Visit:

A lot of dental procedures require more than one visit for its completion, but it is not the same with dental bonding. The treatment also gives faster results.

It Has Aesthetic Advantages:

Dental bonding could be a great choice for repairing minor teeth imperfections. Right from making your tooth look longer to matching the color of your original teeth, it has many aesthetic benefits.

Dental Bonding Can Last Longer If These Measures Are Followed

  • You must maintain a basic oral hygiene if you want your dental bonding to sustain. Brush and floss twice in a day and also don’t forget to scrape your tongue.
  • Your dental bonding can wear off soon if you smoke a lot, therefore, cut down on it. Giving up on it can save your mouth from innumerable diseases.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or anything acidic, such as coffee or tea.
  • Biting on anything hard can also cause damage to your dental bonding
  • See the dentist every six months.

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