Invisalign® Needs Utmost Care, Following These Tips Can Help Maintain its Quality

July 12, 2018 by Salt Lake Dental

Traditional or conventional metal braces definitely straighten crooked teeth efficiently, but gone are the days when people could only rely on them. Nowadays, the dental technologies have developed enormously and Invisalign® is one such orthodontic treatment which can align your teeth discreetly. The clear aligner is known for being almost transparent as it does not have metal brackets.

When you opt for a dental treatment or a device, it is mandatory to keep a few things in mind to enjoy the perks of it for a longer period of time.

Below are the tips which can keep your Invisalign® intact.

  • Your Invisalign® could warp if it comes in contact with hot water, therefore, do not clean your clear aligner with it. Also, remember not to eat anything hot while wearing your clear aligner.


  • You must understand the difference between hard and soft-bristled toothbrushes, the former can cause major harm to your clear aligner. Thus, use a soft and round bristled toothbrush to clean your Invisalign®. It will prevent the clear aligner from getting scratches.


  • Your clear aligner can certainly get exposed to the bacteria in your mouth, therefore, it is necessary to clean it thoroughly. An anti-bacterial soap could be a great option for cleaning Invisalign® instead of a toothpaste because the latter might contain abrasive materials which can cause damage to the clear aligner.


  • Chewing gums might not be the right thing to do while wearing your Invisalign®. It may stick to the clear aligner which may get difficult to remove.


  • The clear aligner can get tinted or stained if you soak it in mouthwash because it may contain a color pigment. You can rather store it in a bacteria-free zone to keep it safe. You might get a case along with your Invisalign®, so you can keep the clear aligner in it when you are not wearing it.


  • You must wash your hands before reinserting the Invisalign® to prevent the bacteria from getting transferred to your clear aligner. Also, don’t forget to brush as well as floss your teeth before wearing your Invisalign® or else the trapped debris can affect the orthodontic device.


  • Avoid biting on hard foods while wearing your clear aligner. It can affect the quality of the Invisalign®.

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