Common Indicators of a Root Canal Treatment

April 21, 2021 by Salt Lake Dental
Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is one of the most common services provided by dentists all over the world. It is an endodontic treatment that primarily focuses on the extraction of debris from the tooth root, cleaning it out, and finally securing it with a biomaterial. To make it easier to understand let us first go through the anatomy of a human tooth. The first layer is known as the enamel which is white in color. Underneath the enamel lies the dentin which is hard in texture. Below this, we can find the soft tissue-like substance known as the pulp. A root canal treatment is plotted in a manner wherein the infected pulp is eliminated and the tooth is sterilized, filled, and closed up. 

Indicators for a Root Canal Treatment

However, what could be the telltale indicators of a root canal? This blog has the answer to all your queries. Let’s find out.  

Severe Dental Pain

Excruciating tooth pain could be one of the early signs suggesting that you need a root canal. The pain could be incessant or intermittent. You might feel pain only while eating or drinking or it might persist at other times of the day as well. The intensity of your pain could vary according to your posture. In such cases, visit your dentist immediately and allow them to determine an effective treatment plan.

Dental Sensitivity

Patients requiring root canal treatments suffer from intense sensitivity to hot or cold edibles and beverages. Oftentimes, the sensation might linger for hours even after you have eaten. Serious sensitivity is one of the first symptoms which might indicate that the nerves or blood vessels of your teeth could be infected. Overlooking these signs might result in further complications.

Blisters on your Gums

Gum boils or fistulous tracts could cause tooth abscess which might lead to severe discomfort and an unpleasant taste in your mouth. It might also lead to inflammation and soreness of the gums and you might feel a sharp stinging pain whenever you touch it. Regardless of the cause, seek help immediately to avoid critical dental problems in the future. 

Discoloration of your Tooth

Discoloration or staining of your tooth can occur for several reasons. A pulp infection can result in a discolored tooth. Trauma or injury to the internal tissue of your tooth can turn it greyish-black in color. It is imperative to consider treatment if you see your teeth changing color.

Tooth Movement

Sometimes an infected tooth might appear wobbly and may tend to move. A necrotic pulp (dead pulp) could be the reason behind this. Acidic gunk from nerve death can soften the bone around the root of the infected tooth, resulting in tooth mobility. One of the effective cures to this could be a root canal treatment. 

Along with these, many additional traits could indicate that you need a root canal urgently. Do not get anxious and look for a dental clinic that best suits your needs. In case you are looking for dental care in Salt Lake City, UT, feel free to contact us. With our advanced technology and streamlined procedures, we are dedicated to lessening your fears and discomforts.