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Blog, Dental Health   •   June 26, 2018

Gum Disease Can Largely Affect Your Oral Health, Get an Insight Into It

Your mouth can be prone to oral diseases if you don’t follow a meticulous dental hygiene. Gum disease is one of the most common oral problems experienced by people and its severity can elevate with time if the condition is ignored or not treated at its first stage. Getting your gums examined could be the […]

Blog, Teeth Whitening   •   June 14, 2018

Ways How a Whitening Treatment Can Enhance the Appearance of Your Teeth

Your teeth can get discolored due to innumerable reasons, therefore, paying heed to your oral health is necessary. Aging certainly takes a toll on your dental and general health and with time, the enamel of your teeth can wear down. And when this happens, the dentin gets exposed which is yellow in appearance. A whitening […]

Blog, Dental Health   •   June 5, 2018

Eliminate These Foods and Beverages from Your Diet to Keep Your Mouth Healthy

They say a healthy diet can reduce the risk of several diseases. Eating right not only has a positive impact on your general health, but also your oral health. A good amount of calcium and nutrients help build strong teeth and prevent your mouth from severe diseases. And on the other hand, a poor diet […]

Blog, Dental Health   •   May 25, 2018

Know Why Dental Bonding Can Mend the Gap Between Your Teeth

Dental bonding improves the overall appearance of your teeth and makes your smile look beautiful. The procedure involves the application of a plastic material which is a tooth-colored resin, it is bonded to the tooth with a blue light. Dental bonding repairs the imperfections of your tooth to restore it to its original state. Let’s […]

Blog, Dental Health   •   May 22, 2018

Here’s Why You Must Choose Dental Bonding to Repair Your Tooth

Several oral treatments can repair your damaged teeth these days and dental bonding is one of them. It is a procedure which involves the application of a tooth-colored resin (plastic material) to a chipped, decayed or a fractured tooth to restore it. It is also used to improve the aesthetics of a discolored tooth. There […]