What is the role of Mini Implants?

August 24, 2021 by Salt Lake Dental
Mini Implants

There are numerous reasons to avoid the dental surgery required for standard implants. For example, you may lack the bone mass in your jaw to support the implant, or you just do not want to have invasive and painful surgery unless necessary. A micro dental implant is typically half the size of a standard dental implant, making installation easier and less painful. They also do not require the same amount of jaw bone mass as traditional dental implants. This makes them an excellent choice for adults who have lost teeth due to accidents or damage, as well as elderly people who are prone to resorption.

What Are Mini Implants?

Mini dental implants are little implants that do not need to be fully inserted into your jawbone. They are one solid piece that screws directly into your jawbone and has a diameter of three millimeters or less. These dental implants have a similar structure and appearance to normal dental implants, although they are much smaller in size. Mini dental implants are made up of two parts: a titanium post with a ball on the end and a socket with an O-ring that connects the tooth to the post that is buried in your jaw. The actual implant portion of mini implants is as thin as a toothpick and appears incredibly small! These implants can be utilized to replace most types of teeth, as well as bridges, dentures, fixed crowns, and even to stabilize loose and lower arch dentures.

The Benefits of Mini Implants

  • Bone Grafts are not required- Traditional dental implants may necessitate a bone transplant if the bone is not strong enough to support the implant process, however, micro dental implants do not. This will save you a significant amount of money and time.
  • You don’t need complex flap surgery-Mini implants to provide the same benefits as standard implants, but they are smaller and do not require complex flap surgery.
  • Comfortable- You won’t have to worry about your micro dental implants slipping or making you feel weird when eating or talking like you would with dentures. The implants boost your confidence since you know there is no risk of humiliating slippage.
  • Convenient- Mini implants are convenient because the treatment can be completed in a single session. In addition, you should be able to eat within a few hours of the treatment.
  • Ensures that there is no facial collapse- If you lose bone mass, your face may collapse. Because micro-implants are fastened into your jaw bone and function like your tooth root, they avoid face collapse.
  • Complications to a Minimum- If you are eligible for micro-implants, you should be aware that complications and failure of the treatment are quite unusual. The reason for this is that dentists have developed the proper practices and techniques for doing this surgery.
  • They are reasonably priced- Mini implants may cost half the price of regular implants.

We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of the benefits of mini implants. So, if you’re looking for the best dentist for mini implants in Salt Lake City, UT, visit Salt Lake Dental, and remember that they’re a wonderful alternative if you’re looking for a solution to replace your missing teeth.