Anxiety-free Dental Treatments with Sedation Dentistry

May 18, 2020 by Salt Lake Dental

Many people feel nervous and anxious about visiting the dentist for treatment. If the patient doesn’t stay calm and composed during a procedure, it can add to their discomfort and affect the dentist’s performance too. With advances in dentistry, modern techniques have made it easier for patients to remain calm and receive treatment. Sedation dentistry in Sugar House is used to help patients relax during their dental appointment.

Today sedation dentistry is popularly used by experienced sedation dentists in Salt Lake City to help patients go through procedures without any pain or stress. For many patients, sedation is the only way they can get proper care and improve their dental health.

What is Sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry essentially constitutes oral conscious sedation. Once the dentist administers the sedative, the patient starts to feel relaxed. During the procedure, the patient remains conscious of what is happening around them. Under the influence of sedation, the patient doesn’t remember how much time they are spending at the dentist.

Sedation allows the dentist to work on the patient’s dental problem without any interruption. Patients generally have no recollection of the dental procedure. Any phobia or apprehension that the patient may have is eliminated under the influence of sedation. The medications used by the dentist are all safe, approved and effective.

Sedation dentistry offers a wide array of benefits, for both the patient and the dentist. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Comfortable treatment
  • Easy procedure due to increased patient cooperation
  • Complex work in a single sitting
  • Control over gag reflexes
  • Little or no memory of the procedure
  • Relaxed and positive dental experience

Most patients who avail sedation dentistry report positive experiences at the dental clinic. As such, sedation helps in eliminating the psychological barrier of dental visits. This encourages them to regularly visit the dentist in future to receive timely dental care, without any anxiety. You can refer to this article to know more about sedation dentistry and its benefits.

When is Sedation Dentistry Required?

Sedation dentistry in Salt Lake City can prove to be beneficial in all kinds of dental procedures, whether it is just a basic cleaning or a complex dental procedure. For small-scale treatments, the dentist may use minimal sedation to keep the patient awake but relaxed. For extended dental procedures, moderate or deep sedation may be used. These keep the patient on the edge of consciousness. An experienced sedation dentist in Sugar House can suggest the best option for your procedure.

Sedation is beneficial for people who:

  • Are afraid of needles
  • Feel afraid, stress or anxiety at the dental clinic
  • Are undergoing extensive dental treatment
  • Need Dental Surgery
  • Are embarrassed about their oral health or smile
  • Suffer from previous traumatic dental experiences
  • Have strong reflexes

If you are facing any of the above issues, a sedation dentist can help you start your dental health journey and get the smile you have always dreamed of. However, patients should note that sedation is not an alternative or substitute for anesthesia. While people who do not prefer anesthesia can opt for sedation, it does not numb the area of operation like an anesthetic. Sedation simply helps the patient relax and eliminates pain. Sedation is also suitable for patients who have a low threshold for pain or have highly sensitive teeth and gums.

With sedation dentistry, you can remain comfortable throughout the treatment and get extensive work done in a single sitting. For people having busy schedules, this can be a big plus. At Salt Lake Dental, we understand that you can feel anxious about pain, needles or simply about visiting the dentist too. Our dentist is experienced in administering sedation to help you relax and maintain your healthy smile. If you are looking for a sedation dentist near you, Salt Lake Dental is here to help.