Necessary Measures For Quick-Recovery From Wisdom Tooth Extraction

July 18, 2018 by Salt Lake Dental

Wisdom tooth or third molar can give rise to an excruciating pain as they are mostly impacted. And the need for extraction might be considered if the condition worsens. You certainly get relieved from the throbbing pain after the extraction, but for the surgical area to heal, you must follow a few mandatory instructions. Ignoring them can lead to bleeding, inflammation and other discomforts.

The extraction site will need time to fully recover and doing something which is not suggested can extend the healing period.

Here is a guideline for the things you should follow.

Keep a Check on What You are Eating:  Complications can be prevented after a wisdom tooth surgery if you follow a healthy nutritious diet. So, make sure you are having a lot of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Also, eat soft foods until you get a green signal from the dentist to follow your normal diet. Hummus, yogurt, fruit smoothies, mashed potatoes and other healthy and delectable soft foods could be great options.

Rinse with Lukewarm Water:   Doing this every day will help reduce the pain as well as the swelling. Add a pinch a salt to the lukewarm water to get better results.

Get Complete Rest:    Straining yourself after the wisdom tooth extraction surgery will do no good to you, it can increase your blood pressure and lead to bleeding. Therefore, remember, not to get indulged in anything strenuous. Exercising after the surgery can cause harm to the extraction site.

Don’t Position Your Head Sideways While Sleeping:  Keeping your head elevated while sleeping is an important measure to follow after the dental surgery. Doing this will prevent aggravating the healing tissue and may escalate the swelling. This must be followed after every dental surgery.

Don’t Use Straws:   It is recommended not to drink from a straw after a wisdom tooth surgery. Doing this can poke the clot in the socket and dislodge it.

Don’t Smoke or Drink:    These habits must be strictly avoided if you have recently got your wisdom tooth extracted. Smoking and drinking can certainly lead to some discomforts and increase the risk of infection. These habits must also be avoided before the surgery or else you may experience complications during the procedure.

Keep these things in mind if you want a speedy recovery after the dental procedure. Call Salt Lake Dental at 801-396-9321 if you want to know about the procedure of wisdom tooth or any other information related to it.