5 Ways How Dental Veneers Can Transform Your Smile

July 15, 2020 by Salt Lake Dental

Dentistry isn’t just fillings and root canals any more. It has expanded to include all sorts of cosmetic options for improving both your dental health and smile quality. Dental veneers are amongst the most common cosmetic choices. The basics of veneers are to apply a thin shell of porcelain to your teeth to cover the flaws and improve their overall appearance. There are, though, a number of ways veneers can actually benefit you or your family members.

Broken/chipped tooth

Over time the teeth can get hurt. Most people have chipped or cracked a tooth, or two, at one time or another. Perhaps it’s nothing serious but if you look closely, it’s still noticeable. Or perhaps it is not visible in a spot but you can’t help but notice it every time your tongue touches it. Veneers will cover up cracks and smoothen the tooth. Veneers can also keep these imperfections from getting worse, in addition to improving appearance.


Specific tooth stains can be modified by using veneers. Although teeth whitening can work in mild cases, veneers can do a much more thorough job and produce a much brighter end result.


It can take years to repair misaligned teeth using orthodontics, and cost big dollars. Although veneers really won’t re-align your teeth, they can be used to cover up gaps and make your teeth look almost flawless.


Properly applied veneers will help reinforce and strengthen your teeth, and act as another protective layer. These are also a great aid in protecting against potential staining, as they are non-porous.


Like other orthodontic treatments, veneers do not require any extra daily brushing or further trips to your veneers dentist in Salt Lake City UT. Just brush and floss regularly as you always have and the non-abrasive porcelain will not bother your gums or cause friction with other teeth. A good collection of veneers will last for more than a decade.

With dental veneers, why set of teeth can be made to look beautiful. Your dream smile is just a visit to your veneers dentist away. Keen on grabbing this opportunity? Get the best dentist for dental veneers in Salt Lake City UT.