4 Reasons To Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

August 19, 2020 by Salt Lake Dental
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The most popular cosmetic dental processes in the world is professional teeth whitening in today’s time. In this procedure, a dentist uses a bleaching agent for making your teeth whiter. You can also use one of the commonly available over-the-counter teeth whitening kits, which also utilize a bleaching agent for teeth whitening. However, one major difference between the aforementioned whitening methods is that people can use the whitening kits on themselves from their homes. Needless to say, this makes the t-home kits cost-effective. But when it comes to their effectiveness, it is lower when compared to professional teeth whitening. Thus, it all depends on you whether you want to opt for a cost-effective method over a pocket-friendly option.

Professional teeth whitening procedure has several benefits despite it being expensive in comparison to the at-home whitening kits. The four benefits of a professional teeth whitening procedure are as follows:

#1 Thorough Teeth Whitening:Human teeth can become yellow or stained due to various reasons, such as high consumption of staining foods and beverages, excessive smoking, etc. This teeth staining is of two types—intrinsic and extrinsic. In intrinsic staining, our teeth get stained from the inside. Alternatively, extrinsic staining stains the enamel of our teeth. A thorough whitening for your teeth is only possible when you opt for a professional teeth whitening process because it cleans both the intrinsic as well as extrinsic staining. Alternatively, over-the-counter whitening kits are designed to only work on the extrinsic staining issue.

#2 Customized Approach:The philosophy behind over-the-counter whitening kits is that of one-size-fits-all. On the other hand, a dentist for teeth whitening in Salt Lake City, UT, based on his or her experience understands that different individuals have different requirements and preferences for teeth whitening. Thus, the dentist will customize your teeth whitening procedure for giving you a perfectly white smile.

#3 Instant Results:At-home whitening kits show results, but you might end up waiting for a couple of days or even weeks until you see your teeth become whiter. In a professional teeth whitening process, your teeth become up to 4 to 9 shades whiter in only one visit to your dentist.

If you want to have a charming, bright smile, then consult the best dentists for teeth whitening in Salt Lake City, UT. You can schedule an appointment with highly experienced cosmetic dentists at Salt Lake Dental, for a professional teeth whitening procedure and get the perfect smile of your dreams.