Important Facts You Should Know About Six-Month Smiles

September 29, 2022 by Salt Lake Dental
Facts to Know About Six-Month Smiles

Do your crooked and misaligned teeth make you feel self-conscious? Do you want a flawless smile and perfectly aligned teeth? Your front teeth can be straightened with the Six-Month Smiles transparent braces system in just six months, helping you easily achieve a perfect smile. This treatment technique uses tooth-colored or clear brackets and wires instead of metal ones. So, choosing Six-Month Smiles won’t hamper your smile’s appearance in any way.

6 Facts to know about Six-Month Smiles Treatment

We will discuss six essential facts about the Six-Month Smiles in this blog. Going through them can help you figure out why choosing this treatment option can be a perfect choice. 

1. You don’t Necessarily Need to See an Orthodontist for Tooth Straightening

Straightening teeth is a standard procedure to handle for many general dentists. Even though teeth straightening is an entire dental specialty, not everyone needs to consult an orthodontist for their treatment. Most dental professionals have extensive experience performing orthodontic procedures using various techniques, including Six-Month Smiles, Invisalign, and even traditional braces.

Your dentist will carefully examine your teeth to see whether he or she can manage your situation or if seeing an orthodontist would be more beneficial for you.

2. Teeth Straightening Done in Six Months is Absolutely Reasonable

Some people find the idea of getting their teeth straightened in six months to be unsettling. They wonder how orthodontic treatment can be rushed safely if it typically takes a year or even longer.

In actuality, Six-Month Smiles only focuses on straightening your teeth. Your dentist will concentrate on the front teeth that are smaller and easier to shift so that the teeth can be moved more rapidly than usual.

3. Faster Treatment Does Not Lead to Root Resorption

Root resorption can be a possible complication in the case of any orthodontic procedure. But it has nothing to do with how quickly you move your teeth. It genuinely depends on how much force is used and how long you wear the braces.

Just know that root resorption is less likely while using Six-Month Smiles because it employs less force over a shorter time.

4. The Braces are Clear

You might not enjoy the idea of it even if you wear braces for a short period. But are you aware of the fact that Six-Month Smiles uses clear braces? Yes, you read that correctly; the brackets holding the wire to your teeth are made of transparent plastic instead of metal. Moreover, the wire itself is tooth-colored, making your braces blend in. Most people won’t even notice your braces if you don’t talk about them.

5. The Appointments are Faster than Usual

The Six-Month Smiles is a streamlined approach to orthodontics, specifically designed to make tightening appointments much faster. It is not just the overall treatment plan that can save you time. It is your individual appointment as well. This makes Six-Month Smiles a convenient orthodontic choice.

6. It is Very Comfortable

Because of their force, your teeth are usually sore and uncomfortable throughout orthodontic treatment. As we mentioned before, the Six-Month Smiles uses less force than traditional orthodontic options. Lesser force results in reduced discomfort. It is not intended for persons with TMJ or other bite disorders requiring significant movement or back teeth modifications.


We hope you now know what Six-Month Smiles is. So, if you are looking for an orthodontic treatment option that can be completed in a short span, choosing this process can be a perfect pick. Call us if you are looking for the best quality Six-Month Smiles treatment in Salt Lake City, UT.