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Sedation Dentistry   •   November 11, 2019

What are the benefits of Sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry refers to the process of sedating a patient via an oral route, to facilitate and ease the dentistry experience for the patient. It has been in use from the early 1900’s and has been known to be effective since. However, in case you are wondering what exactly the benefits of sedation dentistry are, […]

Dental veneers, Teeth Whitening   •   October 15, 2019

Stained Teeth & Ways to Avoid It, Permanently!

Are you finding yourself having a shy smile? Covering your mouth when you speak or smile is a common habit for those embarrassed by stains on their teeth. Have you tried everything to get those stubborn stains off and you just can’t? Stains can happen to anyone.    The 10 Most Common Foods & Drinks […]

TMD Treatment   •   September 23, 2019

Causes and Symptoms of TMJ Pain

TMJ is the abbreviated reference for Temporomandibular Joint. A Temporomandibular joint pain is a feeling of discomfort in the joint that lies between your skull and the back of your mouth. This joint is basically a sliding hinge between your mouth and your skull that allows free movement of your mouth cavity. Therefore a TMJ […]

Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening   •   August 28, 2019

Most popular cosmetic procedures in 2019

Cosmetic dentistry today happens to be the most sought after branch of dental treatments! And this happens to be the reality despite the fact that most of dental cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance providers. The reason behind is simple – since cosmetic procedure are not medically essential ones and are mostly done to […]

Cosmetic Dentistry, Misaligned Teeth   •   July 18, 2019

Solutions for your Misaligned Teeth and Jaws

Your misaligned teeth might be responsible for other issues like an improper bite besides marring your facial appearance.  Malformed jaws manifest themselves in 3 ways – ✔ protruding jaws (upper or lower) ✔ an open bite ✔ your lower jaw slanted to one side Whichever may be the case, bite correction along with an even […]